Greetings YoYum Fans!

   With schools starting and days shortening, YoYums will change its hours, closing an hour earlier on "school nights.   Also, beginning on Labor Day, September 4, we will be closed on Mondays until March.

   We welcome field trips during these Fall months, and can help groups through quickly with our self-serve set-up.  Through the spring and summer, we will continue to have our "Final Friday" live acoustic music 6:00-9:00.  The next pickin' event is September 29th.

  As always, we so appreciate our wonderful Jefferson City community and loyal customer base.  Six years and counting you have provided us with many pleasant chats and laughs.  We enjoy serving you.  (Well, it's self-serve so technically we enjoy watching you serve yourself...but you know what we mean!)

                                                Thanks a bunch!

                                                Kevin and Lisa Kemna


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