Greetings YoYums Fans!
      It's been a cold an early winter this year, but how lucky we were to have beautiful weather for our favorite downtown Christmas events, Living Windows and the Christmas Parade.  Jefferson City turned out in full force, and our thanks to the many who came for YoYums yogurt or hot chocolate. 

We will be closed for a time during the holidays as follows:

  j CLOSED CHRISTMAS EVE, Dec 24 - Jan 17, 2019

    REOPENING Friday, January 18. 

    Our next "Final Friday" live music session is scheduled as follows:

        Friday, Jan 25th

        6:00-9:00 Bluegrass/gospel and swing tunes
        (Featuring a changing mix of talented local pickers we've

    As always, we so appreciate our wonderful Jefferson City community and loyal customer base.  For eight years and counting you have provide us with many chats and laughs.  We enjoy serving you.  (Well, it's self-serve so technically we enjoy watching you serve yourself...but you know what we mean!)

Thanks a bunch!

Kevin and Lisa Kemna





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