Greetings YoYums Fans!
    Our long-awaited summer weather has brought many of us out into the sunshine and tie-dye brightness of YoYums, for which we are pleased and grateful!   To accommodate the improved frozen yogurt weather, beginning June 1st we lengthened our hours as follows:

            Mon - Thurs      12 - 10
            Fri & Sat            11:30 - 10
            Sun                    12 - 9

    A second summer change, in keeping with our "Ever-improving at YoYums" theme, is that we now have TWO nights of live acoustic music per month instead of one.  Mark your calendars for the following if you enjoy a little toe-tapping bluegrass and gospel music with your dessert.

        Special Appearance, Thursday, July 26
        Ryan Pollock, young and talented, contemporary 
        tunes, solo guitar and vocal performance

        Final Friday
of the month, July 27th
        6:00-9:00 Bluegrass/gospel and swing tunes
        (Featuring a changing mix of talented local pickers we've

         First Monday of the month, Aug 6th
         6:00-9:00 Bluegrass and gospel
        (Featuring Out on a Limb Band)

    As always, we so appreciate our wonderful Jefferson City community and loyal customer base.  For seven years and counting you have provide us with many chats and laughs.  We enjoy serving you.  (Well, it's self-serve so technically we enjoy watching you serve yourself...but you know what we mean!)

Thanks a bunch!

Kevin and Lisa Kemna





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