Greetings YoYum Fans!

   "Ever-improving at YoYums."  That's what we like to say every time we come up with something that pleases our customers.  Our latest improvement has been to upgrade our karaoke selections used for Tie-Dye Birthday Parties.  We now have access to internet songs so kids (or adults) can choose their favorite tunes from a long list of popular tunes.  

  The "Final Friday" live acoustic music session for Friday, April 27th has been cancelled due to schedule conflicts.  It will be back on Friday, May 25th.  
See you then.

  As always, we so appreciate our wonderful Jefferson City community and loyal customer base.  Seven years and counting you have provided us with many pleasant chats and laughs.  We enjoy serving you.  (Well, it's self-serve so technically we enjoy watching you serve yourself...but you know what we mean!)

                                                Thanks a bunch!

                                                Kevin and Lisa Kemna


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