Greetings YoYums Fans!
      From the looks of it, everyone is settling in to the changes brought by a new school year.  Those first two weeks of getting up early are rough!  It's good to see kids, parents, grandparents, couples, and groups of all kinds using YoYums as a place of fun and fellowship after school, practices, and just a fun place to meet up. 

  Our August First-Friday music get-together was outdoors in lovely weather, complemented by the singing of locusts and kind applause of passers-by.  Hopefully we'll be so lucky weather-wise at our next pickin' session.

    Our next once-a-month "First Friday" live music session will be as follows:

        Friday, October 4

        6:00-9:00 Bluegrass/gospel and swing tunes
        (Featuring a changing mix of talented local pickers we've

    As always, we so appreciate our wonderful Jefferson City community and loyal customer base.  For NINEyears and counting you have providedus with many chats and laughs.  We enjoy serving you.  (Well, it's self-serve so technically we enjoy watching you serve yourself...but you know what we mean!)

Thanks a bunch!

Kevin and Lisa Kemna





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